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Generations of Craftsmanship

Growing up, I watched my father & grandfather weld & woodwork in their shops. I bit off my first major project by converting the attic in my mom's garage to a loft apartment when I was 18. I pursued a career in web development & worked my way up to a senior level developer.

The thirst for building & making things never left me. In my Atlanta based basement workshop, I've built light up wooden signs, custom benches, aluminum badges & teardrop trailers. I also create weekly YouTube videos to show my design & build processes. Nothing is as rewarding as creating a custom solution to solve a customer's problem. If you have a project in mind or are trying to figure out a solution, feel free to contact me. I pride myself in high quality craftsmanship, unique designs & fair, honest pricing.

Hi, I'm Zach Manring & I'd love to discuss your ideas.


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Zach truly cares about his orders. He spends the time to get everything right for each customer. Making them feel like they are the most important thing going while ordering from him. His quick replies, and skilled work leave you in awe. Would and will by again from this true artist! Thanks again Zach
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The Southern Woodworkers is a community based organization that is dedicated to camaraderie, education, and creating a positive and fun environment for all makers who call the south home.

With over 1400 members, located all in the Southern United States, come join the most active woodworking / maker community on Facebook!

This is not your typical DIY website! Zach from Southern Ginger brings a wide variety of skills to the table if you’re looking to step your project game up. From CNC’s to tear drop trailers to woodworking and reviews, you’ll find a little bit of everything when you take a trip down south!
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