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A List of Zach's favorite


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Now it's probably no secret that I love cool tools, and the CNC has my name all over it! I am a software developer by day and a designer by night so the CNC was a perfect fit for me.

Scared to make the leap? I offer my one-on-one support to anyone that purchases an Axiom CNC through my links.

I encourage you to check out the Axiom advantage page and learn more about what makes this CNC amazing! In my experience, this machine has done everything that I have asked of it. From cutting brass fidget spinners to cutting a 30hr 3D sign of my logo! Even better, anytime I have had questions, I can always reach out and get in touch with someone that can help!

My Favorite AXIOM CNC Accessories



These have to be some of the best pants I have ever had. Tons of pockets but my favorite is the front right pocket for your knife and front left pocket for your cell phone. Want FREE shipping? Reach out to me directly.


One of my first products from Atlas 46 was the Journeyman chest rig. This is a high quality rig for anyone thats on the go. I like the pants more in my workflow but I can see how the chest rig can be very beneficial if you are someone what is building decks, roofing, windows, construction in general.

My Favorite Gear

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.52.44 AM.png

I put my trust in Klingspor's Woodworking Shop to have the best selection of quality abrasives, CNC router bits and even safety equipment like glasses and gloves.

No matter what tool you have, I bet they have abrasives that fit, check them out!


CNC Accessories



Snappy 43300 Plug Cutter Set, 3 Piece, 1/4-3/8-1/2
Poly-tech Industries (Make it Snappy Tools)
Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.44.11 AM.png

Safety is always important in the shop, but so is some good tunes! I love my Isotunes headset so much, I use them when I go to the gym as well. Try out these bluetooth headphones and you won't be disappointed.

 RV & Teardrop




or visit their website -


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