Axiom Stratus Air Cleaner // Unboxing and Review



Ahh, clean air at last

Alight, let’s be honest… do you have an air cleaner in your shop? Maybe you made a DIY or otherwise with a box fan.. I know I have! To be fair I don’t usually use an air cleaner unless I am powder coating, and even then its just to keep the “overspray“ off the parts. This product has changed that for me.


Instead of having a centralized non-moveable air cleaner in the ceiling of your shop. This product slides up next to where you’re working to target the air right at the source. Even better, this air cleaner doesn’t pull the dust past your face because the pleated filter is down low where the dust naturally falls. This helps in many ways but most importantly it reduces the dust you could potentially inhale.

With 3 powerful speeds, I can see how this product could pull dust from many feet away from your work area. Axiom tells me that the pleated filter has 15x more surface area over a standard air cleaner filter. That’s all fancy but what it really means is less filter changes and better longer lasting performance.

Ok so a few things to consider. This thing is fairly heavy… it’s very well built. I haven’t weighed it but I would guess the fan/top is around 20lbs. Luckily, It’s totally safe to put it on it’s side if you need to change the filter and can’t lift it up and over by yourself. The bottom is made from a really tough plastic that can slide around, (I may make a caster base for it) but there are times that I have pulled it and untwisted the base. Not a big deal but can be somewhat of a pain if you’re pulling it around a lot.

Final thoughts, I am excited to have this great product in my shop, makes be feel better about the airborne dust that I stir up sweeping, sanding, painting and more. If you haven’t already, check out the video above for more details!


Zach's pro tip

Even though this makes a difference in airborne dust, I would always recommend proper dust mask and safety equipment as well.