Hatch & Stuff | How to build a Teardrop Trailer #19

I started off this build to just button up some loose ends in the hatch area of the teardrop. I knew I wanted to add the door knobs that I did in the last video to the rear doors as well as add a drip ledge on the "countertop". For the countertop I made the stainless screws 6in apart and used a piece of leftover aluminum trim that I used in other places on the teardrop. (There is more of this I might use too)

If you have a REALLY good eye (Mark) you would have noticed I had an offcut of Purebond plywood when I made the spacer for the cabinet drawer slide. Well I decided to make a catch all box with it.. because I have ADD. Inside is just painted black and the outside is lacquer.

Next I get to play around with getting the hatch springs in place so I don't have to use the pole to hold it up. After I get the structure in place for that I can skin the top of the hatch to match the inside of the teardrop! That is going to look good!

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Watch the whole build process! (Grab some popcorn first)