I love my Atlas 46 Pants


I know what you're thinking.. I'll just wear jeans and all will be fine.. but have you tried the Atlas 46 Concord pants? Let me start off by saying I've never buy clothes that are specific for a particular situation, actually, who am I kidding, I never buy clothing at all.. lol. But as I got more and more into woodworking, I needed something that was specific for my workflow, something that would improve my efficiency, something that is comfortable and versatile. So about a year ago I set out to try some different things like a woodworking apron, tool belts and more. During this time, I came across Atlas 46 in a search and was instantly in love with the fact that they're rugged and made in the USA. Just like you, I love supporting local and US based companies whenever possible.

I reached out to them and within a few minutes talking through that I wanted, the gentleman suggested that I try an Atlas 46 Journeyman vest. Let's do it, I said! A few days later I get the vest and I am immediately impressed with the quality, the craftsmanship and the kick-ass box it comes in! So much that I did a video of it!

After using that vest for a bit, I found that I was really bad at keeping all the tools I needed in it at all times, which was kinda defeats the purpose of the original problem I was trying to solve. So I reached out again, at this point, I have built a rapport with the guys at Atlas 46 and asked if I should try the Concord Pants. Now that I have been using these pants for a few months, I really think I stumbled on something great. A lot of what I do around the shop requires me to move around, bend down, shimmy under and other weird positions and the pants have yet to get in that way. I enjoy them so much that I have worn them in every video since. It's become part of my outfit, my Southern Ginger shirt, Atlas 46 pants, and Redwing boots!

But why do I love them so much?

Well first, they're comfortable, they are made with 88/12 Cotton/Nylon construction which allows for comfort and flexibility. On top of that, they're tough, adding Rugged 330D Cordura® at high wear spots like the knees and pockets. They have some slick cargo pockets too that allow for tools to slide behind them like pliers and screwdrivers without opening the cargo pocket itself. But, my two favorite pockets are directly in the front. On the left, there is a softer pocket for your cell phone, I have a Pixel XL which fits perfect. On the right is a perfect pocket for a pocket knife, pencil and safety glasses. The other 2 front pockets are deep and have strong edges that you can slip your tape measure onto. Lastly if you're someone who uses knee pads, they have webbing on the sides that prevents your knee pads from sliding down your leg. How cool!?!

In conclusion, I think I not only solved my initial problem but made a great relationship with a US based company that I know makes high quality products. If you haven't checked out Atlas 46 yet, I encourage you to take a few minutes and check out their catalog, you might be surprised what you will find. Oh and tell them I send you!

- Zach