Clearing the backyard | part 1

This has been a long time coming, I've been wanting to build or purchase a shed as well as reclaim more of my 3 acres of hardwood trees as lawn so that I can enjoy sitting out there in the evenings. Most of the bushes you saw us move were replanted, especially the fig tree that was moved. The little stone sculpture is where my septic lives, so we played it safe and didn't mess with that area. The crazy part though is that is where that big pine was that we cut down. You can see how close the bobcat is to the septic, I was getting nervous not about the tree but the septic.

The main objective was to clean up the top left of the video and make that flat. That is where a 10x20ft shed will go. We made sure that is still had about a foot of fall so the water will still run off towards the back of the property. As far as all the brush, we just pushed it back far enough where we can't see it and it will break down into compost in a year or so.

So if the shed goes in the top, the rest will get covered in zoysia empire sod. Zoysia is the only thing that seems to grow in this harder clay and in the shade. It's more expensive of course but sometimes that's what you gotta do! haha.

Stay tuned for part 2!