Fix your sucky trailer jack! | How to build a Teardrop Trailer #17

Way way back in video number 2 in the Teardrop Trailer series, I installed a side mount jack..

I have had problems with it flexing the frame and not rolling well. So let's fix it!

Cutting the template

I started by creating a custom mount using some steel from an old safe... haha After that was cut out.. I held it up to the trailer and struck two more lines so I knew where I wanted to add bolts. I chose to go with 6 bolts, 3 on either side but I think it would be fine with 4. Now my steel wasn't the thickest but I think the additional bolts helped it.

Drilling the holes

Once all the holes were cut out, I could mount it to the trailer itself. Like most, I am impatient when it comes to paint drying so the steel was still wet, but its all good, it worked out in the end. Once everything was mounted, I tied together the wiring and added a grommet for added protection for the wiring.

Sit back and enjoy your hard work!

Check out those pants I'm wearing -

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