Maker Highlight #2



Making Stuff is another one of those great channels to get inspired by. What I loved about this video was the simplicity of making all 45deg angles to make these shelves. If you have a miter saw or a table saw, you can pull this off in an afternoon! Nice work!



Did you know there was a scroll saw competition going on right now? Wish I was better at scrolling... :/ Miter Mike's workshop started with an idea from another maker Steve Carmichael in the community and showed of his skillz on the scroll saw! Love the idea behind this, such a creative way to capture graduation.



Ok this was just cool to watch! Winston Moy never ceases to amaze me with his CNC skills and just for fun he decided to do it in Fusion 360.. which I am trying my best to learn as we speak! What was cool about this video is how Winston took something that needed to be better and made it better! Seems like there is some issues with the DJI software to still work out but the adapter he created works beautifully!



John Heisz doesn't need any introduction but I got a kick out of this video, it reminds me of the movie Officespace.. wow that was made in 1999.. I am getting old! John takes an old log and shaves it down with a hatchet and then cuts down a green limb for the handle. All of this work just to "fix" his printer! This is a must watch if you haven't already!