Maker Highlight #1


Since this is the first blog post for this, I want to explain what my thoughts are behind this idea. I enjoy watching all kinds of maker videos that I would love to share highlights on a weekly basis. Since everybody has different skill sets, I will break it down by skill level and a wildcard video.  


I really enjoy watching videos from The Redsmith. In this video, he shows off his woodworking and metalworking skills. What makes this video great is that it inspires you to take something that is already made and make it better! I know I have a few things around the house that I would love to do that to.. haha. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!



Johnny Brooke from Crafted Workshop continues to impress me every week, this week he takes on leather working for this simple but elegant stool. Johnny does a great job explaining his process with a voiceover in his videos. If you haven't checked out his channel already, his is a must to subscribe to.


I must admit, I didn't know what a omelette flipper was but I can see how it would be out of balance if you just add a handle to the bottom of the flipper. PS Woodworking turned it up a notch and designed a new kind of flipper that makes me want one!



Ray Pena is well known for this incredible attention to detail and design. He make some amazing things using some really awesome equipment. This week he informs us that there is a copycat 9-gear spinner on the market that is being shipped from China.

This video hits home for me because I am all about supporting local talent and it just makes me sick that someone thinks they can just steal someone else's hard work and passion and sell it for a profit. Be sure to check out Ray's channel for some more really incredible work he has done.. just don't steal it! #supportlocal