Connect 4 | VCarve & Vector files | CNC not required

Connect 4 | VCarve & Vector files | CNC not required


In this download you will get all the files needed to run the sides, front and back on your CNC as well as all the vectors you need to use it how you need.

Don’t have V-Carve? No CNC? No problem.
This download includes vector files you can use in any problem, including graphic editing software so you can make your own template if you choose.

Note: You will need to make 2 front & back operations and the rest can be done once. This does not include the 9 spacers and bottom piece. Those are best done on the tablesaw after you know the proper thickness of the wood.

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The sides are based on 3/4in plywood and the rest is 1/2 plywood.

Also keep in mind, you will still need to make the spacers between the front & back as well as the bottom. I used a table saw to make those pieces. See the video for details.