DIY Shooting Bench


Total time: 4hrs

Cost: ~ $125

Difficulty: Beginner



  • (8) 8’ 5/4x6 Deck Boards

  • (2) 8’ 4x4 Pressure Treated

  • (4) 8’ 2x6 Pressure Treated

  • (7) 8’ 2x4 Pressure Treated


Getting started

I did make a set of drawings in sketchup for this, I may go ahead and release the plans if anyone is interested. Starting off, I built the top structure upside down. Cutting everything to size with the miter saw.

After I felt good about that, I flipped it over and added the top, this was 9 deck boards that overlapped ever so slightly. This wasn’t on purpose but i am glad they had some overlap. Easy on the hands :D

By this time, it gets real heavy but it’s time to flip it back over and add the legs and braces. I used 6in bolts to hold the legs in place so that I could break it down if I ever needed to.

One last flip over to setup the seating area and round over the edges with a router and enjoy!


Zach's pro tip

Use lag bolts for the outside wings of the bench.