DIY RV (vinyl) wood flooring install // Fleetwood Bounder


Total time: 30hrs

Cost: ~ $700

Difficulty: Expert



  • 10 boxes of Wood flooring from Lumber Liquidators

  • Underlayment and trim


Diving in

I don’t want to lie to you and tell you that this was an easy job because it wasn’t. But it was very rewarding to see the finished product. It makes the RV feel so much more up to date. And doing it yourself saves you a boat load too! We figured around 2-3k.. that’s some cash!

First thing we did was remove the bed and bed frame. We found that this was actually screwed directly to the floor and the carpet was bumped up to the sides of it. Yeah, so there was an interior carpet part and and exterior. I would say the bedroom was the hardest part because of all the staples and cuts around pipes.

After that was all cleared up, I started laying down the underlayment, this can be put down as you go so after a few strips we added out first few boards! The very first row was brad nailed into the subfloor but the rest of the whole floor was floated (not attached)

Moving into the bathroom and hall, these were tricky because of the cuts but with some measurements you can make those cuts fairly quickly.

The main part was the kitchen/living/driving area. This went much quicker until we hit the slide! Under the slide is very difficult. So much in fact, I would almost recommend to do that part first! Cutting around the engine hump wasn’t bad, just some trial and error, and remember you can always take away more material but you can’t add it back :D

Lastly we added the wood under our captain chairs, you have to duck under the wheel wells to get the bolts loose. Have a friend hold a wrench on top while you’re underneath. I think it was a 17mm..


Zach's pro tip

Make sure all the boards are staggered, use clear caulk around the edges when you’re done and enjoy!