DIY Monster Energy Wall Art


Total time: 2hrs

Difficulty: Beginner



  • 1/4 Plywood for back

  • 3/4 plywood for front

  • LED lights



Although I don’t drink energy drinks or even soda for that matter, I have always been a fan of the Monster logo itself. After a quick search on the internet, I found a vectored design that looked really close the the actual Monster logo with some minor tweaks.

I wanted to make this one the biggest one piece sign I have ever made, so I made it over 3ft tall and 2ft wide.

The front of it was made from Purebond’s 3/4in plywood found at the local Home depot, make sure you mirror the image because you’re actually cutting it from the back forward on the Axiom CNC. This will give you a perfect spot for the LED lights.

Speaking of LED lights, these are the ones I used, I used every one of them in this design. The other thing that was cool is that I used a plug to force the lights to only green. Of course you can make them any color you want!


Zach's pro tip

Use hot glue to keep the LED strips tight against the hard corners.