DIY Reverse sensor install - Rear View Safety RVS-112-W


Total time: 2hrs

Difficulty: Beginner

Cost: $140



  • Drill

  • 1in stepper bit / drill bit

  • Pliers / Channel-locks

  • Zip ties



I can hear something behind me!

Ok, so I recently installed a new Reverse Camera for my ‘99 Fleetwood Bounder and I thought to make it that much better I would install reverse sensors. This adds that additional degree of safety that it nice to have when your RV is 34ft behind you.

First thing to do it to mark out all the locations you want the 4 sensors to be.. keeping in mine the they’re labeled 1-4 so the first one should go on the drivers side and work your way over to the passenger side.

After that, you need to drill a 1in hole and make sure there is nothing behind it.. like a metal plate.. haha

Once you have your hole, you you insert the supplied grommet, which is labeled Top with an arrow. Then you can install the sensors also labeled Top.

Now comes the fun part, figuring out how you want to connect those wires and fish them through the vehicle. I was kinda lucky in the sense that I found a hole that I could leverage that is used to add water to the fresh water tank so I drilled a hole just big enough to fish the wires through into the bedroom of the RV.

From there, you’re almost home free, I was able to tap into the 12v circuit that is used for the cabinet lights and also connect into the existing backup camera. Zip tie them up and test it out… BEEP BEEP BEEP… It has a nice display at the top of the monitor showing you how far things are away and what sensor its targeting.


Zach's pro tip

Leave yourself some extra wire when you install your reverse camera so you have enough slack for the sensors.