DIY Wall Art // Fortnite Save the World


Total time: 6-8hrs

Difficulty: Novice

Material Cost: $80


  • Axiom CNC / Router / Scrollsaw
  • Brad nailer / hammer
  • Glue


  • 1/4 Plywood for the back
  • 3/4 Plywood for the front
  • 1/4 Plywood for the lettering
  • Spraypaint
  • Lights (optional)

What's the most popular game right now?

Fortnite! I am a avid gamer of a lot of different games, Fornite being one of them so I wanted something for my "game room" that I could put on the wall. A while back I made a PUBG sign and I thought this was only fitting.

Now, you will see in the video I use a Axiom CNC to make this, but in all reality you could use a scrollsaw or jigsaw if you that is all you have. I designed this to be repeatable with precision so that I can sale these.


Zach's pro tip

If you do not have a CNC but still want to notch out the 3/4 plywood for lights, you can use a router with a rabbeting bit.