Camper kitchen slide out | Off Road Teardrop Trailer Build #5a


Total time: 6-8hrs

Difficulty: Novice

Cost: $150




What's the best way to cook in a Teardrop Trailer?

With my last Teardrop Trailer build, I built a drawer to house the Coleman style stove but I wouldn't dare to cook inside the hatch area. Well on this one, I want to be able to cook from the teardrop and not have to remove the stove every time we want to have a meal.

Enter the Thetford Topline series #162, this bad boy is slim and powerful and will fit perfect as a side slide-out for the back part of the teardrop trailer. In this video, I rip apart the old interior cabinet structure to reuse the metal (steel prices are through the roof) using Diablo Carbide blades. Speaking of those blades, I was really impressed with how many cuts I made with them before ruining the blade.

After it was all cut up and the previous welds were cleaned up using my Klingspor grinding kit, I cut them all to length and mitered a 45deg angle of the top and bottom parts of the inner drawer/slide-out. I later added some tabs using fender washers to attach the top.

Last part of this build was to cut the opening to place the Thetford Topline series #162 flush with the top. Using a simple jigsaw can knock this out real quick and the stove came with instructions that you can use for sizing the opening.


Zach's pro tip

Fender washers are perfect for welding tabs that you need to attach wood to, buy them in bulk and save!


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