Finally got my custom doors | Off Road Teardrop Trailer Build 4


Total time: 8hrs

Difficulty: Novice

Cost: $1300



  • Custom doors from Vintage Technologies
  • Star-Gazer 40in window

Adding doors to your Teardrop Trailer

Doors, by far are going to be one of your largest costs in the build. This is something you don't want to skimp on if you don't want to have a long term fight against water leakage! I talked to many folks during my last build, lots of great ideas but one thing was in common... bite the bullet and buy pre-made doors.

With that knowledge I knew I needed to purchase custom sized doors with the size of this camper. They don't make one off the shelve for this part of the build. With measurements in hand, I contacted a few companies and landed on Vintage Technologies as my place to order from.

After a few weeks, they showed up and I got to work. This went pretty quick but I wasn't sure how far up I wanted the doors to sit. Keep in mind the thickness of your mattress and flooring when you do your measurements.

After I tacked it all up and was happy with it, I check for fit many times before welding it fulling in.


Zach's pro tip

Make sure your the hinge of your door faces forward, this will keep it from catching wind going down the road.


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