DIY Under Deck Ceiling for $300


Total time: 6-8hrs

Difficulty: Novice

Cost: $300


  • Tin snips
  • Impact screw driver / Drill
  • Table saw / Circular saw to rip down the slats
  • A friend :D



Can you use metal roofing as a ceiling to my deck?

In short, yes, that is what I used to create my deck ceiling. You will want to hang the roof upside down so if you do order the roof panels local, I would ask them to put the color side down. Unless you want white.. then it doesn't matter.

I've been wanting to build an under deck cover forever! With the new Teardrop Trailer project on the way, it's now a must! The crazy part is that I had a deal with a guy to do this 2.5yrs ago and he never came through so now I have to do it! Lucky my friend Paul stepped up and gave me a hand!



Total drop?

My overall drop was only 2in over 14ft span and so far it's been just fine.

Any concerns with water run off getting into that wiring you have set up for a light fixture?

Nope, it's all water tight and I used a water tight whip to get the wires under the ceiling. I'll come back later and add an exterior light :)

Where does the water go? All of the other systems I have seen have a gutter.

I did make it in such a way that I could add a gutter in the future if I so choose but for now it does the job great!


Zach's pro tip

Build yourself a "T" brace (commonly used for drywalling ceilings) that will hold up that metal while you screw in the panels, we didn't make one until later and trust me, our shoulders never forgave us!