Skinning the galley | How to build a Teardrop Trailer #14b

Total time: 8-12hrs

Total cost: $100+

Tools used

Materials used

  • 0.32 bare aluminum sheet
    • This should be left over from using the sheet on the roof. 2 sheets in total including the roof.

Hey guys, in this video, we are going to skin the galley with aluminum and trim it out with some really slick matching aluminum trim. We are also going to mount the hurricane hinge and locking door handles. After this step, your teardrop should be weather proof! This didn't start as well as I hoped. But I am super happy with the result.

When I was cutting the trim, I totally made the noob mistake by cutting the trim too short. That hurt because the trim takes 4-5 days to get shipped. So I had to find other things to work on until all the trim got in.. again.

Once I had the sides and bottom trim all mounted, it was time to dry fit it to make sure it would fit.. remember the hinge gets installed last! I did have a mistake, explained in the video, with the weather stripping not making a good seal. I was able to fit that with another small strip of weather stripping on the top of the trim.

Once it was all done, I took it for a spin!

At this point the teardrop is weather-proof and road worthy. Yes, I know, there isn't any fenders.. that will be in an upcoming video! Stay tuned!


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