Making the galley structure | How to build a Teardrop Trailer #14a

Total time: 8-12hrs

Total cost: $50+

Tools used

Materials used

  • 3/4 Purebond plywood for the structure
  • 1/8 Radius plywood for the skin

Like a lot of things with this project, I did some research into how some make a galley and took my own approach. I knew I needed to account for the trim on all 4 sides and wanted to leave room for the hinge. When I first calculated out the hatch thickness, I was thinking 1.5in so thats what I was kinda stuck with. My cabinets come very close to the edge so that made it limited. Not a huge deal because I decided to go with 7 support members across the back. It actually is not heavy at all.. surprisingly :D

About half way through working on the galley the teardrop fell off of the dolly and came crashing to the ground on one side. Why was it on a dolly you ask? Well I wanted to get new rims for the teardrop to match the design and that meant I needed a bigger axle. I can't buy an axle off the shelf for this trailer so I had to take off the existing one in one piece so that I could take it up to a local trailer shop to get measurements off of it. In the end, all was well, nothing was badly damaged and I was back in business.

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