Atlanta Falcons custom iPhone | Will it CNC? #3

Hey guys, I know you will all be watching the Super Bowl but I wanted to do something fun and try to carve an iPhone using the CNC. My thought was, why not use the Atlanta Falcons logo? lol. It was a good proof of concept. In the future I think I could slow down the bit's feed rate to get a smoother cut. I was getting some chatter at the speed I was trying to run it at. Also the 20deg V-bit isn't the best for an operation like this but that is what I has to work with.

CNC Settings


Relief Dimensions:

Width: 1.50000 inches Height: 1.50000 inches Min X: -0.75000 inches Min Y: -0.75000 inches Min Z: 0.00000 inches Max Z: 0.00000 inches

Material Thickness = 0.0400 inches

Z Zero = Top of material

Machining Time: 00:18:03


V-Bit Carving - Conical 20Deg

Tool: [1] 10.0 deg. conical with 0.006 inches tip rad. Feed Rate: 50.00000 inch/min Plunge Rate: 31.50000 inch/min Safe Z: 0.20000 inches Spindle Speed: 20000 r.p.m Stepover: 0.00300 inches Tolerance: 0.00100 inches Allowance: 0.00000 inches Home Position: X:0.00000 Y:0.00000 Z:0.20000 Comments: V-Bit Carving

Finish Depth: 0.02000

Feed Rate Length: 175.9 inches Plunge Rate Length: 12 inches Rapid Rate Length: 30 inches Machining Time: 00:18:03


Machining time estimates based on a rapid feedrate of 0.000 mm/sec and a time scaling factor of 4.00

iPhone Screen Background

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