Let's make a sofa arm table from scrap wood!

Total time: 4-8hrs

Total cost: FREE - $20


Tools used

  • Planer (optional)
  • Table saw (optional)
  • Router (Only if you want to make dovetails)
  • Trim Router
  • Miter saw

Materials used

  • 1x10 Pine lumber 4ft long
  • Wood glue

Hey guys, I wanted to try out my new Ridgid router and my new dovetail jig that I got from a friend. This is my first time doing dove tails so go easy on me :D. I think they didn't turn out bad, next time I think it would be good to leave them a little proud so you can sand them afterwards.. but all and all, it was a good project and I enjoyed it!

It's always good to make your design in SketchUp first
It's always good to make your design in SketchUp first

Now in my drawing I was going to make the slot for the cell phone all the way through but decided when I was making it to only go about 3/4 of the way through. Also you will see a inset for a wine glass. I was considering adding something to hold a glass/mug when while its sitting there but that would have added more work and most likely more tools and I wanted to keep it simple!

*Also take note that the width will vary depending on your couch's arm width.

The finish

I later decided to mess around with spray-paint and stain for the finish. Of course this is completely up to you but this is how mine turned out.