Let’s make an Adirondack chair

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Total time: 8-12hrs

Total cost: $100

Tools used

Materials used

  • 6 5/4x6x8 cedar deck boards
  • Box of exterior screws
  • 6 Stainless bolts with washers / nuts


Like anything you start building, you look online for inspiration. Well, I turned to a fellow YouTuber and maker Paul Jackman for his set of plans for a cedar Adirondack chair. He has made quite a few on his channel so I recommend check his out too! (Just don’t get suckered in for 10hrs)

Ok, so I confess, I started with his set of plans but put my own spin on it. I took the full-size cutout of all the parts, (provided in his plans) with a helping hand from Michael Chipser and imported them into V-Carve pro. (CNC app) After not giving up on trying to make all the parts fit on one sheet of 2×4′ hardboard, we went ahead an cut it all out!

After the templates were made, it was time to find the wood.. the plans call for 5/4x8x?? cedar, but in my neck of the woods it is very hard to find that size width in cedar. So after stumbling through a few home improvement stores, I finally settled on using 5/4×6 as oppose to 8in. So that means the arms won’t be as wide but it’s all good, I made it work!

This was also the first project that my girlfriend helped me out on. She wanted a chair like this so I convinced her to help sand… Ok and yes, the table saw too!

Got my helper in the shop today! #sanding #festool

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All in all, I am super happy with this project, and I am already starting on some improvement to the CNC template.. stay tuned for that!

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