Maker Highlight #4


Hey guys, thanks for checking out Maker Highlight, this is a place to catch up on what you may have missed in the past week and also a chance to check out new makers in the community! If you think I missed someone, please feel free to leave a comment below.


What am I listening to in the shop?

Green Woodworker with Brad Rodriguez. It's always awesome to hear how people get started! Oh and did you know Brad will be 40 next month? I don't think he ages...



Make this simple Down Draft Box - Off the Cuff - Wacky Wood Works.

Wacky Wood Works is back at it again! I love how he was able to make use of just some simple tools to create a very useful addition to his shop! Oh and I also love me some hot glue!



Tapered Legs on a Jointer

One of my local pals Rob schooled us this week on how to make tapered legs on a jointer! All I got to say is damn, that was cool! It was a "mind blown" moment for me.. what about you?



DiResta Vise Stand

As you probably already know, Jimmy DiResta is a huge part of the woodworking / maker community. This week he makes a simple vise stand for his new shop! I wonder why he didn't use his plasma cnc? Nice work Jimmy, thanks for sharing!



DIY Log Stool

If you're a pyro like me, this is a must! I actually didn't realize how "simple" this was to pull off! Thank you for sharing this Ben HomeMadeModern! Ben also has a lot of other really cool / simple projects you can do to make your house look more modern!