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Atlas 46 – Concord Work Pants

These have to be some of the best pants I have ever had. Tons of pockets but my favorite is the front right pocket for your knife and front left pocket for your cell phone. Do yourself a favor and check these out! You won’t be disappointed!


Atlas 46 – Journeyman chest rig

One of my first products from Atlas 46 was the Journeyman chest rig. This is a high quality rig for anyone thats on the go. I like the pants more in my workflow but I can see how the chest rig can be very beneficial if you are someone what is building decks, roofing, windows, construction in general.



Now it’s probably no secret that I love cool tools, and the CNC has my name all over it! I am a software developer by day and a designer by night so the CNC was a perfect fit for me. In fact I have 2, the Axiom AR8 and the Iconic X. Both are great machines but the Axiom is much larger!

I encourage you to check out the Axiom advantage page and learn more about what makes this CNC amazing! In my experience, this machine has done everything that I have asked of it. From cutting brass fidget spinners to cutting a 30hr 3D sign of my logo! Even better, anytime I have had questions, I can always reach out and get in touch with someone that can help!


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