Custom Premium Corn Hole Set

Custom Premium Corn Hole Set

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These custom precision made corn hole sets are made from high quality maple or oak plywood. The design is unique in that it features folding legs for ease of storage, 3 can holders for your favorite beverage and a nice soft curve on the sides for that elegant touch. We also inset the top so that you don’t see the sides to the plywood, it’s used as a design element to frame in the top. These boards are regulation size 2ft x 4ft.

These can be made in a few different styles. We watch to help anyone get these sets into their home or office.

  • The DIY kit is everything cut out for you but you need to assemble.

  • The Unfinished kit is assembled but no finish

  • The Finished kit is assembled and finished but no design / laser

  • The Laser kit is our most popular and that’s adding whatever laser design you want on the board. The design needs to be below the hole on the board.

* Bags are available but are not included in the price.

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