Custom Giant Connect 4

Custom Giant Connect 4

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This item is custom and made to order

Remember when you were a kid and love to play Connect 4 with your friends? This giant connect 4 has 40 dots in a 8x5 grid. The total width is 44in and 34in tall when put together.

The bottom has a hinge to release all the dots to continuing playing into the night! When you’re done, pull up on the sides and lay it flat for easy storage.


This comes in a couple versions, one is totally unfinished if you want your kids to help paint it and make it their own. The second is clear coated with half the dots laser engraved (Seen in photos). Lastly, if you don’t want the laser engraving, we can paint half the dots a color you want.. like red.


These are built with cabinet grade plywood, the center section and dots are made with 1/2 plywood and the legs are made with 3/4in plywood.

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