2019 Workbench Con Recap

Let me start this off by letting you know that I wasn’t even suppose to be there. Like last year, my goal was just to go see my fellow maker friends and have a beer.


The day Before

A local maker and good friend Drew from Ox in the shop had an awesome meetup at his shop. It was raining and foggy but nice and bright in cozy inside. Got to hang with some folks I haven’t seen in a LONG time! Oh and made a minor tweak to Drew’s logo. (Can you see it?)

Day 1

Early on I got an email from Wall Control asking if I wanted to go on a tour of their facility. Umm, yes please! We met at the logistics facility in Tucker, GA. Here is where we got to see where all the magic happens as far as quality control, packaging, pallet wrapping, sales and more! They even catered in Chick-Fil-A.. Always good in my book! After that we went to the place where the real magic happens. The processing plant where they take rolls of steel and 1800 ton presses to stamp out what we all know and love as Wall Control. We followed that up with a drink at a local brewery and headed to the show!

This is where things got fun, Wall Control needed help setting up the booth so I offered my time, besides it was only 4pm and I had 4hrs to kill until the maker meetup afterparty. After getting lost, we parked in the loading dock and got to work.

While helping them, I ran into my friends at Firm Grip gloves and dropped off the laser engraved name tags I made for the show. After chatting with them and running into some friends, I was able to just kick back and relax until the 8pm after party started.

This point I was hungry so a few of us makers grabbed some really expensive chicken sandwiches and tater tots and joined the crowd. While there, a fellow maker reached out and asked If I could use a ticket because they purchased one but wasn’t able to use it. Well, how could I refuse, I was having a blast.

Day 2 (My Last day)

Friday, which was the second to last day of the conference, I showed up somewhat late and not a single soul in the main room… I guess I missed the memo :D. I hung out with my Wall Control friends until we made a game plan. I was able to catch a class that Adam (Lazy Guy DIY) was teaching for Totalboat. That was a lot of fun and I made some blue/purple epoxy thingie but I love the colors!

Wrapped up the evening with an amazing dinner with the folks from Firm Grip gloves and headed home. Not too bad for not planning on going… haha.

I do still find it hard to justify the $320+ price tag but seeing everyone gathered in one place is always a sight to see! Maybe next year it will be less expensive! Also spreading out the classes would be helpful, it was hard to see all the classes because they all were around the same time and you have to choose.

Thanks for the amazing time everyone, this community never ceases to amaze!