My full Axiom CNC review

It’s no secret that I enjoy using CNCs in to make all kinds of things, from brass fidget spinners to a giant connect four, or even laser engraving granite! I can go on and on about how much I love this machine but I think it will be more helpful to break it down into parts.



My Axiom Auto-route AR8 Pro is a beast of a machine and it’s not light by any means, I think the total weight with the stand, toolbox and bed, it sits somewhere in the 600-700lb range. So make sure you have some friends! Overall Setup is self explanatory, I even have a video on assembling it if you need help. Also make sure you know what power requirements you need, some are only 110v and some are 220v like mine.



One of the things that really attracted me to the Axiom brand is their attention to detail and their continued innovation of products over the years. Take my machine for an example, Axiom Auto-route AR8 Pro, I purchased this before the laser attachment or the forth axis was even born.

Little known fact, the first thing I did was add a light to my gantry because it made it so much easier to see the work piece and let’s face it, it just looks cool! Well soon after, Axiom started selling their own version… Dang, I missed out :D

But even in that scenario, they’re staying connected with the community and innovating with them, listening to them and most importantly, asking questions. That’s something you only seem to find in small companies!

Since, I have purchased my machine, I added accessories like auto-adjusting clamps, aluminum guides, upgraded my machine to the Axiom Auto-route AR8 Pro+ (This will allow from the 4th axis), and my favorite accessory the jTech 4.2w Laser.

When I first got the laser, it was made to screw onto the z-axis and it worked well but was impractical for switching between spindle and laser operations. In working the Jay from jTech, I had this crazy idea to use magnets to hold the mount and then you can remove the laser whenever you needed to. Luckily, Jay is an amazing engineer and after many attempts he got it working perfect! This is now what you will receive if you buy a the jTech laser attachment. I love trying to help make things better!

But wait there is more, so far i’ve only been talking about the AR8 pro+… but there is a new Axiom CNC in the lineup. The Axiom i2R, this CNC is going to be a game changer! They have taken all the good parts about what’s makes the pro series so efficient and accurate and created a lighter weight, lower cost, futuristic looking machine! Oh boy, I want one!

A+ Support

So you do the research and you find the CNC that is best for your needs, you order it, set it up and boom, something breaks! This is where support has to be one of the higher things to consider when looking for a CNC machine for your shop. Like many folks starting off, this is a beast of a machine and if you don’t know some of the basics, you might cause more harm that good. Things like breaking bits or cutting too deep… these are part of the learning curve that you have to accept in some way but it’s also nice to be able to contact support to see if you’re doing something wrong!

Axiom has a great support staff and I have always been able to get my questions asked. If not by phone, then by email, either way, I get the answer I need. In addition to that, I offer my own support to folks that order a machine trough my links, it’s my way of saying thanks! I have been on many one-on-one calls/video chats helping folks get the most out of their Axiom CNC.

I also have had some issues of my own, I remember when I had a lightning storm come through and my handheld controller went bad, a quick call to Axiom support and they drop shipped me a new one! I had another case with the laser cutting out on my after long runs… turned out the AC adapter was going out, had one sent overnight, no questions asked. That’s the kind of support you need, folks that know their product inside and out and stand up to their quality.

I also started a Facebook group called Axiom Precision CNC Owners for folks that already have machines to get help from others!


At the time of this review, Axiom has 4 lines of products to fit your growing needs. The newest Axiom i2R starts at $2999 and I can’t wait to see one of those in person. They also have a variety of sizes, from a 2ft x 2ft to a full 4ft x 8ft. I personally settled for the middle there with a 2ft x 4ft and it’s accomplished everything I have thrown at it!

Now, let’s not kid ourselves, these are industrial quality machines and that quality can come with a cost. My personally set me back $9000 with all the accessories that I wanted plus the Laser attachment. But, I have made that money back in about a year and half.

I actually sell more Laser products than CNC.. go figure.

I hope this helps you decide on a CNC for your shop, I know I couldn’t live without it. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or reach out to be directly.

-Zach Manring