DIY 6ft Shed Ramp


Total time: 5-7hrs

Difficulty: Beginner

Cost: $100


  • Circular saw

  • Speed square or straight edge

  • Impact screw driver / Drill


  • 5/4 Decking boards

  • 2x8 Pressure treated wood for the support structure

  • Outdoor screws

  • Bolts to secure ramp to shed

  • Concrete blocks


Can I use deck boards to build a ramp for my lawn mower?

Of course you can, that's exactly what I used. It feels good to get outside and enjoy the weather. As some of you know, I've been renovating my back yard, well it was time to add a ramp to my new shed so I can move my 4wheeler and lawn mower in and out. 

I chose to make my ramp 6ft by 8ft but yours may vary depending on how wide your doors are and how steep you need your ramp to be. Also make sure you leave room between the top boards to allow for rain to escape.

Pro tip

Make sure you make your ramp as flush as possible to the bottom of your shed, if you have lip, you mower may drag on the transition.