The Pickup | Off Road Teardrop Trailer Build #1

Cost: $2,250 (cost will vary)


Well today marks a new day in my building history. I took a road trip to pickup one of the coolest teardrop trailers that I've seen. This thing has a LOT of potential. This didn't start off easy, when I got there, the trailer wasn't even ready yet.. We pulled it out of the garage with half tighten lug nuts and started to figure out how to fix the hubs. The hubs were loose enough that I had to use vise grips to rotate the nut about 1/4 turn.

After the hub was fixed and we returned the socket that didn't fit it to Ace hardware, we took it on its first journey on the highway to Taco Bell.. Because where else would you go with a new trailer? lol.

Once I got it home, that's when the fun started.

It didn't fit in the garage without taking the wheels off, so I used some furniture dollies to move it around into the garage. This is where it will sit until I get the the ceiling on the deck gets finished!

Tune in weekly to see my progress on getting this thing ready to camp!

Check out those pants I'm wearing -


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