Let's add some 12v interior lights! - How to build a Teardrop Trailer #10

Products Used

12 volt lighting and more!

In this episode, we get started on the 12 volt interior lighting and more! There is still a lot to do but this is the main foundation on what comes next! Be sure to check this one out, it's an important episode in the Teardrop Trailer build! Also note, I am not a professional, this is done with the best of my knowledge. I am not responsible if you mis-wire anything and get hurt. Please read all information about the products used before moving forward.

I bought all the wiring I used from the local home good store.


Teardrop Trailer Build Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRo2-oLCRSD7-HwKlRXiUfhlfzdDJjTWE

I am using PureBond plywood, see more details here. http://purebondplywood.com/ or http://www.columbiaforestproducts.com/product/columbia-radius-bending-plywood/