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With the world of social, the guy down the street can be more affective than the professional commercial ad placement. Let a friend tell another friend this is the product they should buy and watch them make a sell for you.


Let's get our feet wet, how about we declare our relationship to the world with a banner or sidebar ad on the website? Banner and sidebar ads are available for purchase at a monthly or discounted annual rate.


Sponsored Content

Need a friend to post something for you?  From a Website Post, to a YouTube video or even a Social Media Campaign, we can partner with you for some quality content.  Please inquire about a current rate sheet, but just make sure your product or service fits in with Southern Ginger Workshop.  If I get another email about body spray….  Also, our content is original on Southern Ginger Workshop, we will not accept requests for guest posts or canned content.


Product Reviews

We don't need to do body spray reviews because over the past few years we’ve been lucky enough to work with many major brands to review their product lines.  From cool tools to tech to killer headphones, the Southern Ginger team loves to check out and pass on our experiences with our followers.  We are proud of the quality of our reviews which means we are selective in who we work with.  We offer various levels of reviews from a full post, to YouTube videos to Social Media shout outs.  We do not post negative reviews and you will get a chance to review all content before it goes live.  Please inquire about rate sheets or feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 



Want to take this thing to the next level?  Like carve our names in the local oak tree?  When we really love working with a brand we are open to long term relationships.  Keep in mind we aren’t always exclusive (sometimes we want to keep our options open), but if the right brand comes along we do work with brands as ambassadors or even work under exclusive partnerships.  Please inquire if you’re looking for something more than just sponsored content.

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