Offroad Teardrop Trailer

Leveling jacks and MORE! | Off Road Teardrop Trailer Build #3

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Well guys, it’s a beautiful day outside and I had to get something done on the Offroad trailer! Although I don’t have everything I need yet, I thought I wanted to try to knock what I could. In this episode, I take out the front brace to get it ready for a star gazer window. Then I knock out the Leveling jacks! These are similar to the ones I used on my first Teardrop trailer but much stronger!

■ Leveling jacks –
■ Leveling Jack Foot pads –
■ Drill socket –
■ Dewalt Grinder –
■ Hobart Welder –
■ Metal cutting saw –

■ My favorite work pants –
■ Learn more about that vest! –
■ My favorite woodworking gear –