Offroad Teardrop Trailer

New Location | Off Road Teardrop Trailer Build #2

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Wow, just wow, I recently finished the under-deck cover and wanted to park my Teardrop under the deck but there was a snag…

This is where the fun started. What would you have done in this situation? I was about to fly out of town, rain storm coming in and I wasn’t about to move the trailer back into the garage and remove those tires!

I did what any crazy dedicated teardrop trailer hobbiest would do… cut the deck support! I looked into relocating the post but in my timeframe and budget the 9000lb pole jack worked perfect for just under $70.

Get the pole-jack here –

Once that was installed, I felt confident to cut out the post. Of course the post bit me in the chin but I was ok!

Finally I got it into place, added some wheel chucks and here is where it will be while I work on it. I also started ordering parts like fuse panel, jack stabilizers and more.