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Review of the coolest woodworking vest from Atlas 46

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Hey guys, I picked up a kick-ass vest for my shop this week. It’s an Atlas 46 Journeyman with a few attachments. This video is my unboxing of the product and first impressions. Of course if you would like to know more about the products, you can read more about them in the links below… tell them I sent you 😀

The Chest rig is full of pockets for pens, tape measure, safety glasses and more!

Yes, of course there is a place for your hammer, on the left or right side

Nice feature to add things like tape or keys

2 layers of pockets with webbing inside for additional organization

Different sized pockets for different sized pens and pencils

Clamp your tape measure to any of the webbing places on the vest

Showing optional storage can be added for other things like remotes

Showing additional feature to add magnets to anywhere with Velcro

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